Wairimu Muthike

Wairimu Muthike

Partnerships Director

There are many different humans, but not so many different ways in which these humans behave. This represents the building block of my interest in the development of behavioral archetypes as practical entry points to understanding, influencing (and potentially leap-frogging) adoption and use of agriculture technology solutions.

Mass customisation is the mecca of influencing adoption of products and services. However, the reality is that agriculture is a few steps behind in supporting mass customisation. My work has focused on understanding and having an informed visibility on the factors influencing and driving maintained adoption of production and resource enhancing technologies by sub-saharan small scale producers. Through various projects and partnerships like DIG-it-AL, Warwick, EatSafe i have had the privilege to immerse myself in identifying channels and mechanisms through which agriculture based products and services have farmer identities and leadership in their design and deployment.

My conversion to be pro-behavior science occurred in my previous position as Head, Business Development of ACRE Africa. Insights from a study funded by 3ie allowed me to engage with behavioral science as a tool in understanding revealed preference to inform the design and deployment of risk management solutions to small scale farmers. My passion for working with small scale producers emerged from working on Kilimo Salama, a 5 year project hosted by Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and has only deepened since.  


Languages: English, Kiswahili, Gikuyu

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