Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Changing the world, one behavior at a time.

We use behavioral science to design solutions for partner organisations that are working to make lives better in the Global South.

We strengthen the work of our partners by

Applying innovative and evidence-based behavioral science.

We develop and use the latest tools in behavioral science so that organizations can put them to use to improve their programs, approaches, or ways of working to provide benefits to the communities in which they work.

Partnering with those who are invested in the contexts they serve.

We work with academics, policymakers, funders, and implementing organizations of all shapes and sizes. What we share with our partners is a commitment to designing solutions embedded in the individual, socioeconomic, and environmental contexts of real people.

Being a voice for development in the Global South.

We are based in the so-called Global South, and advocate for investment in local perspectives, locally-owned programs, and homegrown talent. It is important to us to be rooted in the communities in which we work, and to utilise our local knowledge to develop and adapt relevant solutions.

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