Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

How we apply cutting-edge behavioral science

We develop and use the latest tools in behavioral science, but never put “insights” above our focus on helping organizations implement improvements to their programs, approach, or ways of working with the people they serve.

Our approach to international development is different, we are:


To truly impact people’s lives, we need more than ‘the right answer’. We need to understand, and usually change, behavior. Behavioral science helps us do that effectively and rigorously.


Academic research and prior practice gives us a wide range of tools that might work. We look to the context – the given location, cultural setting, and decision making environment – to best determine what will actually work.


Our goal is to help improve people’s lives, not to force them to do what we think is best. This means involving them in the process, ensuring they benefit from participating, and designing for their reality and experience.