Francis Meyo

Francis Meyo

Vice President - Projects

I’m motivated by bringing out the best in my colleagues, self and various development programs, products and policies. What works in development? How and why does it work or not work? These questions guide my professional encounters. 

As a champion for the efficient and effective delivery of projects, I fashion myself as some sort of solutions engineer; focused on creating an enabling environment and removing roadblocks from our day to day work. 

My project interests range from how best to behaviorally design and introduce innovative products in the health, finance and digital spaces to evaluating which opportunities exist for behavior change in populations with various abilities and capabilities. 

Some of my contributions include (i) the development of knowledge products such as the Rapid Assessment Report on HIV RESPONSE During Drought in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya, (ii)go to market strategies such as Stawi’s a mobile app targeted towards SME/MSMEs who access mobile based financing and (iii) strategic support services to organizations setting up or training their behavioral science teams such as CUBIC. Currently, I’m supporting the development of demand creation strategies in several sub-saharan countries for the DPV Ring, End User Assessment, Segmentation, Messaging and Positioning. Prior to Busara, I worked in various research and policy capabilities at Innovations for Poverty Action


Languages: English, Swahili, Luo

Project countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda,  Zimbabwe, Eswatini, South Africa, Nigeria

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