Who We Are

We are a research and advisory organization dedicated to advancing and applying Behavioral Science in the pursuit of poverty alleviation.

Our Story

Our journey began in 2011 when we realized the need for a local decision lab to facilitate our research studies. In creating the appropriate infrastructure, the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics was born, the first of its kind outside of a university setting and with a non-WEIRD foundation. Today we are spread across 5 offices in Africa and Asia, and well on our way to becoming the world leader in deploying Behavioral Science teams within organisations.

Our Values

We let our firm belief in our purpose drive us and our curiosity guide us. Our respect for our work and each other shapes us while our collaborative spirit binds us and leads our every interaction. In allowing our actions to speak for themselves, we keep ourselves accountable and insist on upholding the rights and dignity of all our respondents. This why all our researchers have to go through ethics training and why all our research studies and permits are always institutionally approved and certified.

What Makes Us Different

We favor cognitive diversity, which is what makes our people one of our biggest strengths. Our talented multi-disciplinary team come from some of the top Behavioral Science programs in the world as well as from seemingly unrelated backgrounds. With a diverse set of expertise in health, education, economics, political science, finance, gender, development studies, mathematics, environmental studies, anthropology and nutrition, we have the ability to provide unique perspectives on a wide variety of problems.

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