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Fiona Mahiaini

Fiona Mahiaini

Research and Innovation Director

Fiona has been with Busara since February 2017 and currently serves as Director of Qual and Design. Since joining Busara, Fiona has worked on a wide range of engagements spanning the Health Sector to Financial Inclusion. Prior to joining Busara, Fiona worked in mental health and has extensive experience working with high-risk women in a medium-secure forensic psychiatric hospital and with families and schools to deliver interventions to support children exhibiting behavioral, emotional and learning difficulties. Fiona has experience working the private sector, where she was responsible for increasing both sales and consumer satisfaction for several FTSE 250 companies. She previously volunteered as a Samaritans Counsellor where she offered confidential and emotional support to suicidal individuals. She is enthusiastic about social development and has a particular interest in understanding the impact of social norms, gender and culture on health and mental well-being.

Fiona holds an MSc in Psychology from the University of Westminster and a BSc in Sociology from the London School of Economics.

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