Steve Wendel

Steve Wendel

Vice President - Behavioral science

We’re in the late-birth of a new field, and that field is already showing its vitality and promise. Behavioral science connects with people’s real lives and challenges, and helps them overcome those challenges without coercion or condescension.

I’ve dedicated the last decade to supporting the growth of the behavioral science community, and helping organizations effectively use behavioral science to benefit the public. I currently serve as a Vice President at the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, where I am responsible for technical excellence, growing Busara’s presence in Latin America, and overseeing the Inclusive Finance portfolio.  

Previously, I had the joy of starting and leading the behavioral science teams at Morningstar and HelloWallet, developing and field-testing hundreds of interventions to improve financial behavior. I’ve had the opportunity to publish dozens of pieces, including three books on applied behavioral science, including Designing for Behavior Change. To help myself and others learn about behavioral science, I founded and the non-profit Action Design Network, which has educated people in eighteen cities across North America about the field.  

I have two wonderful kids and a wife, who don’t care about this behavioral science stuff at all.  


Languages: English, Moderate Spanish, Rusty Italian

Formal Education: PhD, Government and Politics, University of Maryland

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