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Busara turns losers into winners at 2022 SBCC summit

November 23, 2022 | Nairobi

The five-day Social and Behavior Change Communication summit in Marrakech, Morocco, set to take place from December 5-9, 2022, is the most crucial global gathering in the world of social and behavioral change communication. It brings together practitioners and researchers from around the world to share knowledge and exchange ideas on the strategic use of communications to inspire social and behavior change.

The oversubscribed and all-too-desirableSBCC Summit 2022 sold out quickly as organizations working in the social and behavioral change realm submitted two years’ worth of ideas following a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19. The rejection email has also been a widely shared experience.

The SBCC Summit expects to host5,000 attendees in Marrakech, Morocco and has once again proven itself a crucial global platform for the field of behavioral and social change. For Busara, the SBCC summit offers a unique moment to showcase Busara’s latest thinking on delivering impact for Global South communities.

Yet, for seven submitted proposals, Busara received five dreaded rejection emails. But instead of wallowing, Busara decided to seize this moment to strengthen the community. That’s how Dinner for Rejects was born.

“We want those who also had their proposals rejected to get people together over an informal dinner so we can learn what ideas we are missing out on by not being on the main stage,”said Aditya Jagati, Busara’s India Country Director. “For us, this is a great conversation starter for new collaborations. So if you are a reject but will still be attending the summit, do reach out. We’re eager to meet you”’ Jagati will be part of the Busara delegation attending the summit

For the two proposals that have been accepted, Busara will also host a booth in the market place and present its takeaways in poster sessions. One demonstrates the power of mass culture audience participation to encourage youth to change behavior for climate change action. The other found that indirect research methods can generate a better evidence base for social and behavioral change interventions aimed particularly at changing gender dynamics.

Attending the SBCC summit forms part of a broader renewed emphasis to share knowledge within the field. Since 2020, Busara has invested in an in-house communications team, drawing skills from the fields of advertising and journalism and has worked closely with human-centered designers as it looks to further develop strategy and practice. This emphasis has been recently strengthened through a gift from the MacKenzie Scott Foundation.

Yet, all contributions to the summit come with the typical Busara emphasis on transparency, honesty and putting difficult questions center-stage at The C in SBCC: Contradictions,” a Busara-hosted session set to take place on Thursday, December 8, from 7-9 p.m.

“There are so many contradictions in how we think about social and behavioral change The approach champions participation, but does not want to give up power and control over the message. It seeks to target people based on their identities, but without acknowledging how complex identities are,” said Krittika Gorur, Senior Associate at Busara, who will be presenting her work on mass culture and climate change. ‘If we understand and then use those contradictions constructively, communications for social and behavior change might enter into its next generation.”

One practical way to embrace contradiction? Turning rejection into celebration.

To meet with us and learn more about Dinner for Rejects, stop by Booth 48 at the SBCC

For more information, contact: Michael Onsando, Manager Voice and Impact (English/ Swahili) Mobile:+254 727 703 794 Email: [email protected] www.busaracenter.org