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Improving savings rates among cash transfer recipients

How can we help cash transfer programs better target long-term goals?

The Household Uplifting Programme (HUP), otherwise known as the Conditional Cash Transfer, aims at responding to deficiencies in capacity and lack of investment in the human capital of poor and vulnerable households. The livelihood supports the graduation of beneficiaries out of poverty, thereby making them financially independent. It is aimed at complementing the cash transfer to help targeted households build a mindset of enterprise development.

Capacity is built at all tiers to enhance empowerment of beneficiaries’ household to be self-reliant. Beneficiaries are trained on Life Skills (LS) and Savings and Group Mobilization (SGM) and Micro Business Plan Development (MBPD) to strengthen their capacity to be self-supporting. Currently, there are about 297,973 households enrolled in 20 States in Nigeria.

Busara was engaged design a set of interventions that supported beneficiaries’ interest and capacity to save.