Busara Center for Behavioral Economics


We use all projects as opportunities for mutual learning and capacity building.​

Our menu of services is specific to each challenge.

This usually entails a review of existing literature and scholarship (from behavioral science and adjoining fields), mixed-methods research to understand the context, people and challenges (drawing on quantitative and qualitative social sciences such as economics, anthropology, history, sociology, and political science), and a design element that co-creates solutions with humans firmly placed at the center of our thinking.

We help to validate, launch, evaluate, and iterate every solution.

Our aim is to continuously adapt to work better, and achieve lasting change. We use all projects as opportunities for mutual learning, capacity building, and sharing successes and failures with the wider ecosystem. Our hope is that our partners adapt our approach and make it their own, with and, eventually, without us.

The Busara model

Our approach to international development is different, we are:


To truly impact people’s lives, we need more than ‘the right answer’. We need to understand, and usually change, behavior. Behavioral science helps us do that effectively and rigorously.

Human Centered

Our goal is to help improve people’s lives, not to force them to do what we think is best. This means involving them in the process, ensuring they benefit from participating, and designing for their reality and experience.


Academic research and prior practice gives us a wide range of tools that might work. We look to the context – the given location, cultural setting, and decision making environment – to best determine what will actually work.