Jeremy Shapiro

Board Member

Jeremy is a career researcher and whip smart strategist, with more than 18 years’ combined experience in academia and development. A lover of numbers and their impact, Jeremy earned his BA in Economics from the University of Chicago, and a PhD in Economics—specializing in Econometrics and Development Economics—from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Over the years, Jeremy has held several notable positions, including: Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, where he led strategy development, risk management, organizational
design, and more; Senior Program Officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where he co-developed the Foundation’s strategy for digital financial inclusion in Africa and South Asia, led development of the financial inclusion research portfolio, and oversaw research grant allocation and implementation, and; Co-Founder and Director of GiveDirectly, an NGO providing direct, unconditional cash transfers to low-income households.

Jeremy is currently Director/ Research Scientist at Busara, where he develops strategies to provide academic institutions, multilateral organizations, not-for-profit organizations and for-profit companies with behavioral economics research and consulting services.