Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Are we a good fit?

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

What we share is a commitment to designing solutions embedded in the individual, social, and environmental contexts of real people. But we aren’t the best partner for everyone. Here are some heuristics you can use to determine if we’d be a good fit.

We’re a good fit if​

You have a problem and the curiosity and humility to approach it with new perspectives. You’re not afraid to find out that your assumptions may be wrong, and to try again.

You are looking for a working relationship. We are seeking partners who want to go beyond insights into implementing solutions. That requires developing a shared appreciation of each others’ expertise and a unique way of working together, including embracing ups and downs.

You put your data where your mouth is. You are interested in rigorously validating the things you implement to make sure that you are actually achieving what you set out to do

You believe that accountability to the people who are our clients—the people who are supposed to benefit from our work—is an essential part of our work. Being accountable means that you are committed to preserving everyone’s dignity and to not cut corners on ethical considerations.

We’re not a good fit if

You expect a miracle. Behavioral science, like all fields, is full of stunning triumphs that look like panaceas. Even our own case studies can be guilty of this. But success comes through the hard work of implementation, trial and error. We are in this for the long haul and need you to be too.

You think Global South = Inexpensive. Working here is no different than any other place, and in many ways it’s harder and more expensive. We believe in providing good salaries and benefits, and investing deeply in local talent. By working with us, you’re saying that you do too.

You are looking only for data collection. We believe in the value of data and evidence-based decision making, but we are not the best fit if all you need is data collection. There are many excellent survey and market research organizations that will be much better fits – trust us, we work with them too!

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