Increasing smallholder uptake of seed insurance

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How do we make adoption of insurance easier for farmers using behavioral science?

ACRE Africa, the brand name of Agriculture and Climate Risk Enterprise Ltd. (ACRE), links farmers to insurance products so they can confidently invest in their farms. ACRE Africa is a service provider working with local insurers and other stakeholders in the agricultural insurance value chain. Their team undertakes risk assessment, product development and risk monitoring to facilitate access to insurance products for smallholders. Through ACRE Africa, farmers can confidently invest in quality inputs, increase their productivity and access agricultural loans.


ACRE has developed the Replanting Guarantee Product (RGP), an innovative micro-insurance product designed to provide maize farmers with the means to productively participate in the planting season. As such, RPG allows farmers to re-invest in another bag of Duma 43 Maize Seeds within the planting period should his/her crops be affected by a lack of rain. The RPG insurance registration card is available inside the Duma 43 Maize Seeds pack, where a farmer is given instructions on how to register. If there is no rain for 21 days, ACRE will automatically enable the farmer to purchase another packet of Duma 43 Maize Seeds.

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