What We Do

We help clients understand human behaviours and design solutions to scale products, programs and policies.

Individuals’ desires to engage with the services and strategies designed to meet their demands are often hindered by problems of motivation, attention or memory. Our behavioral approach to design aims to understand and predict these barriers to best enable product success and enhance recipient welfare.

Our Approach

  • 1

    We conduct foundational qualitative research and barrier mapping to gain detailed knowledge of the current beliefs, barriers and behaviors of the target population to gain an in-depth understanding of context to inform the next phases of the research project.

  • 2

    We perform segmentation, intervention design and rapid prototyping methods that allow us to identify and differentiate end user groups through behavioral segmentation and design, and prototype tailored interventions.

  • 3

    At this stage we implement experimental and iterated testing of final interventions through a virtual lab and collect quantitative data to arrive at tangible, effective, scalable solutions.

As humans, we are influenced by a variety of factors and cognitive biases in our decision making process. We build models that are reflective of human interactions and test them in order to understand these variables. We use lab experiments to investigate social and economic preferences, focusing on the gap between intent and action.

Our Capabilities

Behavioral science is a highly interdisciplinary field that draws on methods and insights from psychology, anthropology, economics, data science and more. We combine academic rigor with strong private sector experience to build targeted, pragmatic solutions.
  • Busara Research Labs

    With the capacity to collect data from up to 530 respondents in a day, our state-of-the-art decision labs allow us to study respondents in a controlled environment and run a large number of studies across multiple locations in a short amount of time.

  • Qualitative Analysis & Human Centered Design

    While quantitative data is good at showing what is happening and sometimes how, we use qualitative research to contextualize and diagnose a problem by asking why. We put the end user at the center of the process and aim to understand their experiences and characteristics so as to reveal the underlying reasons for their behavior.

  • Data Analysis and Software Development

    Using our analytics and data science tools to model behavior, and combining that with our ability to build full-stack, bespoke software solutions, enables us to deliver thorough and holistic services that interface directly with top-tier scientists and researchers.

  • Busara Online

    Research is often considered slow-moving, costly, time-consuming and requiring an abundance of effort. We’ve taken our unique offerings remote through interactive experiences that complement traditional research methods with more nimble approaches without compromising on rigor or quality.

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