Our Leadership

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  • Chaning Jang

    Chaning JangCEO

  • Aditya Jagati

    Aditya JagatiEngagement Director

  • Wairimu Muthike

    Wairimu MuthikePartnerships Director

  • Anisha Singh

    Anisha SinghResearch and Innovation Director

  • Stanley Ngugi

    Stanley NgugiDirector of People

  • Rahab Kariuki

    Rahab KariukiEngagement Director

  • Nathanial Peterson

    Nathanial PetersonVice President - Partnerships

  • Mareike Schomerus

    Mareike SchomerusVice President

  • Louis Graham

    Louis GrahamEngagement Director

  • Jonna Davis

    Jonna DavisDirector of Strategy

  • Lara Tembey

    Lara TembeyEngagement Director

  • Gideon Too

    Gideon TooEngagement Director

  • Francis Meyo

    Francis MeyoVice President - Projects

  • Fiona Mahiaini

    Fiona MahiainiResearch and Innovation Director

  • Dale Mwangi

    Dale MwangiCommunications Director

  • Aishwarya Kumar

    Aishwarya KumarResearch Lead

  • James Vancel

    James VancelBoard Director

  • Syon Bhanot

    Syon BhanotResearch Affiliate

  • Professor Robert Mudida

    Professor Robert MudidaAdvisory Board

  • Kate Orkin

    Kate OrkinResearch Affiliate

  • Edward Miguel

    Edward MiguelAdvisory Board

  • David M. Ndetei

    David M. NdeteiAdvisory Board

  • Bertil Tungodden

    Bertil TungoddenAdvisory Board

  • Johannes Haushofer

    Johannes HaushoferFounder and Scientific Director

  • Jeremy Shapiro

    Jeremy ShapiroBoard President

  • Carolina Trivelli

    Carolina TrivelliBoard Director

  • Bonnie Okumu

    Bonnie OkumuBoard Director

  • Anne Healy

    Anne HealyBoard Director

  • Dr. Stephen Wendel

    Dr. Stephen WendelAdvisory Board

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